Why Electric Pianos Are Better

Many of today’s instruments have fused their classical origins with technology and emerged as better versions for it. Think of the electric guitar, the electric bass, and of course the electric piano, commonly known as a keyboard. While there will always be times when nothing, but the traditional acoustic sound will do, and some people who will always prefer it, it’s undeniable that the electronic versions of instruments, namely the keyboard have increased musical capabilities for beginners or proficient students in one way or another.


For example, one keyboard can create the unique sounds of dozens of instruments, from organs to drums. They can provide their own beats and metronomes to be played alongside music, helping the player to keep time. And, perhaps most importantly, they are far easier to move.


How Electric Pianos are Used


Remember the funky sounds of the ‘80s? A lot of that was the keyboard at work, and while most people wouldn’t use them that way today, which is not a complaint, it’s a great example of the creative possibilities of the electric piano. Today, people have taken it further and used the keyboard to record the sounds of multiple instruments and compiled it all together to make a song all by themselves, using only a single instrument. This opens the door to all kinds of talented individuals who used to have to get lucky enough to find other musicians to fill out their band.


For those just learning to play, or for those who don’t have a good sense of rhythm, the in-built metronomes and beats in many electric pianos will help them to play at the right pace. This is invaluable for the beginner, and even professional musicians are guided by the drummer or an existing beat. Now, you can have a drummer while you practice at home, or a nearly complete song that is just missing your input. Maybe you just want to listen to a built-in track and try to replicate it, or to follow along, or even just have your favorite one play as background music for a party! The options are endless for those with a creative mind.


Why Electric Pianos are Better


Once upon a time, it was rare for a household to have more than one instrument, and for good reason. Not only are fine instruments expensive, they take up space, and few occupy more of your valuable square footage than the piano, further reducing the popularity of them in the home. Don’t even think about an organ, which could hardly be contained by large churches.


Enter the electric piano, which fits much more easily into the layout of your home without creating an eyesore or can be stowed behind the couch when not in use to free up that precious studio space! For the musician, no longer is it necessary to find a venue that provides you a piano, as it’ll fit snugly into the back of your tour bus, and some can even run on batteries! There are so many advancements to electric pianos in the modern day that they are nearly able to surpass their traditional counterparts.