Repairing an Electric Piano

Although you can find different models and brands of digital pianos, and all offer varied levels of expression and authenticity for piano players, they all share the fact that sometimes, they will have to be repaired. There are different sizes and types as well, and you can choose either a beginner level simple model or a more complex one for experienced piano player. Keep in mind, however, that the more complex the model, the more parts you may have to deal with. No matter which you choose, proper care and knowing how to repair common problems can give your electric piano an extended lifetime.


Common Issues

Most often, an electric piano will need repair with its power cord or a broken key, termed a dead key. An electric piano uses speakers that are positioned throughout the inside of the piano to recreate the sound of a conventional piano. If your keyboard gets dropped, has water or other liquid damage, or has been otherwise improperly mishandled, these speakers can become irreparable. Fixing a dead key is fairly simple, done by removing the key and replacing it back in its proper position after cleaning it. Usually, a key will become lodged and unable to produce proper sound.


Other issues, such as a broken LCD screen or a power cord, are pretty simple as well. These kinds of repairs will require patience and a bit of knowledge of how electronics work, but if you do not possess this, an electric piano repair clinic can be easily sourced to help restore your keyboard to full functionality.