Safely Moving Your Electric Piano

Transporting your keyboard may be one of the largest undertakings a musician can come across, given the weight and size of the largest 88 key monsters. Luckily there are products and services that can help, but some lugging will still be required!


Kinds of Cases


The first step is to get a hard case. The soft bags that come with most keyboards, or are cheaply available for them, just won’t cut it. The bad news is that these run from two to four hundred dollars, the good news is that your precious (and often times much more expensive than that) keyboard will be well protected and easier to transport, especially if you choose a case with wheels and ergonomic handles. These are also great if you’re traveling further and are brave enough to carry one of these through an airport to be checked on your plane, as baggage is not treated very well and a soft case is basically asking for a damaged instrument.


Alternative Options


If you’re going moving or traveling far for a gig but don’t have a hard case, a local shipping store may offer the right solution for you. It’s not likely to be much cheaper than the case, but it certainly will be much less hassle on you to not have to man-handle it while you’re on the go. Make sure to insure your instrument for its full value, as this not only covers your cost in the event of an accident, it may actually increase the care with which your parcel is handled. Oh, and don’t forget those “Heavy” stickers!