Should You Buy an Electric Piano Secondhand?

Unlike many traditional piano styles and the maintenance issues that can come with them, electric pianos are perfect to buy secondhand. While you should still shop around for a quality instrument, you will not have to deal with tuning it once it has been moved, the sheer weight of a conventional piano (even a spinet can weigh approximately 300 pounds), and the wear and tear of components will not be as visible.


Money Saving


Buying an electric piano secondhand is a great way to save on money, too. Electric pianos, as you add on features, can become fairly hefty price wise, because of all of the technology crammed into them. Pieces that are remade in the style of a grand piano and have all of the bells and whistles can go for nearly eight thousand dollars, while a simple keyboard that has enough features to entice a beginner pianist may only run a couple of hundred dollars.


Source Your Instrument Carefully


The only downside to buying an electric piano secondhand is that you have to find one that has been taken care of. Due to the careful placement of the speakers inside the instrument that are used to recreate the sound of a traditional piano, an instrument that hasn’t been taken care of could end up costing you far more in repair than even a new one. Repairs on an electric piano are not fun, and require specific attention to detail. Often, it’s easier to scrap a broken electric piano and reuse the parts in a newly built one.


With many of the features surpassing a traditional style, there is truly no reason to not buy an electric piano secondhand.